Go Lounge

August 30th   7:30pm

The Backdrop

Mar. 23rd    7:30pm

Old Town, CA

$10 Cover    Ages 18+ 

Main Tap Tavern

Nov. 10th    8pm

Headlining Main Room

Jan 10th    9:45pm
The Comedy Palace 
8878 Clairmont Mesa Blvd

$20 Cover     Ages 18+

Mad House Main Room

April 13th    7:30/9:45

Mad House Comedy Club

801 4th Ave. in the Gaslamp

​$10 Cover   2 Item Minimum

You Can Also Contact Me Here

Past Shows/Open Mics Ive Done

The first time I tried stand up comedy was July 21st, 2014 and its been an amazing journey.  I was incredibly nervous before that first open mic at The Comedy Palace, I sat there for a couple hours while waiting my turn which just made me more nervous.  I had a blast once I actually got to perform and got some positive feedback from other comedians.  I kept track of my shows for a while but lost track.  I'll do over 300 shows this year alone!

Shows are in all capital letters, open mics in lower case                                                          

July 21st, The Comedy Palace. 8 1/2 min
July 22nd, American Comedy Club  (ACC), 3 min
July 25th, Winston's,  3 min
July 29h, ACC, 3 min

August 1st, Winston's. 3 min
August 3rd, The Comedy Store La Jolla, 4 min
August 5th, ACC. 3 min
August 8th. Winston's. 2 min. 
August 11th, The Comedy Palace. 5 min
August 18th. Comedy palace. 4 min
August 22nd, Winston's. 4 min
August 24th, The Comedy Store. 3 min
August 25th, The Comedy Palace. 3 min
August 29th, Winston's. 6 minutes 

Sept 1st, The Comedy Palace.  4 min
Sept 2nd, ACC. 3 min
Sept 5th, Winston's. 5 min
Sept 6th, FIRST OFFICIAL SHOW. The Comedy Place.  5 min
Sept. 8th. The Comedy Palace, 3 min
Sept. 12. Winston's. 4 min
Sept. 15th. Comedy palace.  4 min
Sept 26th. Winston's. 5 min
Sept 28th.  The comedy sStore. 3 min
Sept 29th. Comedy Palace, 3 min

Oct 3rd. Winston's. 3 min
Oct 6th. Comedy palace. 5 min
Oct 12th. Comedy Store. 3 min
Oct 13th. Comedy palace. 4 min. 
Oct 14  ACC. 3 min. 
Oct 17th. Winston's. 4 min. 
Oct 19th. Comedy store. 3 min
Oct 20. Comedy palace. 4 min. 
Oct 21st. ACC. 3 min. 
Oct 24. Winston's. 4 min 
Oct 27th. Comedy palace. 5 min. 

Nov 1st. SHOW at The Comedy Palace (back room). 8 min. 
Nov. 9th. Comedy Store. 3 min. 
Nov 10th. Comedy Palace. 4 min. 
Nov 11th. Mr Peabodys. 18 min
Nov 14th. Winston's. 4 min. 
Nov 16th. Comedy Store. 3 min 
Nov 17th. Comedy Palace. 5 min
Nov 18th. Peabodys. 10 mon
Nov 21st. Winston's. 5 min 
Nov 24. Comedy palace. 5 min. 
Nov 25th. Mr. Peabodys. 10 min. 
Nov 28th. Winston's.  4 min. 
Nov 30th. Comedy store. 3 min. 

Dec 2nd. Mr. Peabodys. 10 min. 
Dec. 5th. Winston's. 4 min. 
Dec. 6th. SHOW at The Comedy Palace (back room). 8 min 
Dec 8th. Mad House Comedy Club. 5 min. 
Dec 19th. Winstons. 4 min. 
Dec 28th. Comedy Store. 3 min. 

Jan 6th. Comedy Palace. 4 min. 
Jan 7th. ACC. 3 min. 
Jan 11th. Comedy Store. 3 min. 
Jan 12th. SHOW at the Mad House Comedy Cluster (first pic on a poster). 7 min. 
Jan 13th. Comedy Palace. 4 min. 
Jan 16. Winstons. 4 min. 
Jan 19th. Mad House. 5 min. 
Jan 20th. 1st Round, Mad House Comedy Competition (got through). 7 min. 
Jan 27th. Comedy Palace. 5 min. 
Jan 28th ACC. 3 min. 
Jan 30th.  Winstons. 5 min. 

Feb 9th. Mad House 5 min. 
Feb 10th. Comedy palace. 4 min. 
Feb 13th.  SHOW at Winstons.  First time featuring. 8 min. 
Feb. 15th. Til 2. 5 min. 
Feb 17th. Peabodys. 10 min. 
Feb 18th. Salty Frog. 8 min. 
Feb 20. Winstons. 3 min. 
Feb 21.  SHOW at The Salty Frog. 10 min  Got gas $. 
Feb 23. Tilted Kilt. 3 min. 
Feb 24. Comedy Palace.  3 min. 

March 2nd. Hart Lounge. 5 min. 
March 3rd.  Comedy Palace. 4 min. 
March 4th.  Navajo live. 8 min. 
March 6th. Winstons. 4 min. 
March 7th.  SHOW at The Comedy Palace (back room). First time Headlining. 20 min. 
March 8th.  Comedy Store. 3 min. 
March 9th. Hart lounge. 5 min. 
March 10th. Second Round at the Mad House contest (go through as an alt) 8 min. 
March 13th. FIRST PAID SHOW with Dat Phan at the Dragons Den. 10 min. 
March 18th   Salty Frog. 8 min. 
March 20th Winstons. 4 min. 
March 22  Til 2. 5 min. 
March 24th.  Mad House Comedy Comp, (didnt get through) 8 min. 
March 26th. SHOW at The Posh Bar. 8 min. 
March 27th. Winstons. 5 min. 
March 29th   Til 2. 5 min. 
March 30th.  Mad House. 5 min 

April 1st.  SHOW at The Better Days Bar.  15 min.  Got free food
April 3rd.  Winstons.  5 min 
April 7th.  SHOW at The Blarney Stone Downtown.  20 min
April 8th. Spin City.  8 min. 
April 9th.  SHOW at The Posh Bar.  8 min  Got gas $
April 12th. Comedy Store.   3 min. 
April 15th.  First time hosting.... Salty Frog.  Paid
April 17th.  Winstons. 5 min. 
April 19th.  Til 2. 5 min. 
April 21.  SHOW at The Blarney Stone. 15 min.  
April 23rd. Shooters.  5 min
April 24th. Winstons.   5 minutes
April 26th.  PAID SHOW at The Comedy Store. 10 min.
April 28th. Comedy Palace. 5 min

May 5th. Comedy Palace. 5 min
May 6th.  Mad House.  5 min
May 7th .  Mad House.  5 min
May 12th.  Comedy Palace.  5 min
May 13th.  Spin City.  8 min
May 15th.  Winstons.  3 min
May 16th.  SHOW at the Salty Frog.  13 min, got gas $
May 17th.  The Comedy Store.  3 min
May 18th.  Mad House.  5 min
May 19th.  Comedy Palace.  3 min
May 20th.  The Salty Frog.  8 min
May 21st.  Mad House.  5 min
May 22nd.  SHOW at Spin City.  8 min
May 23rd.  FIRST TIME PRODUCING A SHOW.  Mamas Kitchen fundraiser.  10 min
May 26th.  Comedy Palace.  3 min
May 28th.  Posh Bar.  7 min
May 29th.  Winstons.  5 min

June 2nd. Comedy palace.  Co Hosted.  Maybe 10 minutes total
June 3rd.  Salty frog.  22 minutes 
June 5th. Winstons.  3 min
June 5th. Habanos cigar bar.  4 min
June 7th.  Til 2. 5 min
June 9th. The yard (random warehouse off the 94). Hosted and did 8 minutes
June 12th.  Westys SHOW. 10 min
June 16th. Comedy palace. Host and did 10 minutes
June 17. Salty frog. Hosted and did 5 minutes.  Rough crowd. 
June 19th. Winstons. CO HEADLINED. 15 min
June 20. Salty frog SHOW. 10 min
June 26.  Winstons.  4 min
June 30.  Comedy palace. 5 min

July 1st.  Salty frog.  8 min
July 3rd.  Winstons. 5 min 
July 7th.  Blarney Stone SHOW. 13 min
July 12th.  JPs pub SHOW.  8 min
July 17th. Winstons. 5 min
July 19th.  Comedy store.  3 min
July 21st.  Comedy palace co host.  10 min
July 22nd.  Acc. 3 min
July 24.  Winstons. 6 min
July 25th.  Main at bar/grill SHOW. Did 12 then another 22
July 26th. Comedy store.  3 min
July 28th.  Co host comedy palace. 5 min
July 29th. Salty frog.  7 min. 
July 31.  Winstons.  4 min

August 2nd. Comedy store.  2 min
August 4th. Comedy palace, co hosted mic.  5 min
August 5th. Salty frog.  8 min.  
August 7th   Winstons.  5 min
August 8th.  Medi Mikes SHOW.  8 min.  
August 8th.  Mad house.  3 min
August 12th.  Comedy palace SHOW.  10 min
August 14th.  Westys SHOW.  10 min
August 16th.  Comedy store. 2 min
August 18th. Comedy palace. 4 min
August 19th. Salty frog.  5 min. 
August 20th.  Mad house.  3 min
August 21st.  Winstons.  4 minutes.
August 24th.  House party SHOW with Benji.  30 min
August 25th.  Blarney Stone SHOW.  15 min
August 26th.  Over the border SHOW in chula.  20 min
August 30th.  Dat Phan comedy store SHOW.  10 min

Sept 8th.  Sdcl comp at the frog.  Didn't get through. 5 min
Sept 9th. Comedy palace.  4 min
Sept 11th.  Winstons.  5 min
Sept 13th.  Comedy store.  3 min
Sept 15th.  Comedy palace.  3min
Sept 16th.  Salty frog.   20 min
Sept 19th.  Dupars pub, 5 min
Sept 22nd.  Comedy palace. 4 min
Sept 25th.  Winstons.   5 min
Sept 27th. Comedy store.  3 min
Sept 29th. Comedy palace.  5 min
Sept 30th.  Salty frog.  8 min

Oct 2nd. Winstons. 5 min
Oct 2nd.  Habanos.  5 min
Oct 4th.  Comedy store. 3 min
Oct 5th.  Salty frog comedy comp. SHOW. 1st place and advanced to next round.  8 min
Oct 9th.  Winstons. 5 min
Oct 10th.  Pmans SHOW.  10 min
Oct 11. The hole MY SHOW.  5 min, host
Oct 13th.  The palace. 4 min
Oct 16th.  Westys SHOW.  10 minutes.  
Oct 20th. Comedy palace.  4 min
Oct 21st.  Salty frog.  8 min
Oct 23rd.  Winstons.  5 min
Oct 24th.  Main st comedy comp SHOW.  8 min
Oct. 27th.  Comedy palace.  4 min
Oct. 30.  Winstons.  5 min

Nov 7th.  South Bay lounge SHOW, 10 min
Nov 10th.  Comedy palace.  4 min
Nov. 12th.  #1 on 5th SHOW.  10 min  
Nov. 17th. Comedy palace. 5 min
Nov. 19th.  SHOW at the hole.  Hosted.  8 min
Nov 22. Comedy store.  2 min 
Nov 24th.  Comedy palace, helped host.  5 min
Nov 25th.  SHOW AT COMEDY PALACE.  10 min

Nov 29th.  2 min.  Comedy store. 

Dec 1st.  8 min, co hosted.  Comedy palace.  
Taylor t, Ryan h and knowles all hit the stage tonight.  
Dec 2nd.  15 minutes.  Salty frog open mic
Dec 4th.  5 min.  Winstons
Dec 4th.  12 min.  Westys 
Dec 5th. 10 minutes Hosted SHOW.  The hole 
Dec 8th. 5 min helped host mic. Comedy palace. 
Dec 11th.  Co headlined SHOW 15 min.  Winstons. 
Dec 17th.  Produced show, didn't perform because of sore throat.  The hole
Dec 19th. 10 min, Hosted and produced SHOW. the salty frog.  
Dec. 22nd.  5 min co hosted.  Comedy palace. 
Dec 29th.  5 min co hosted.  Comedy palace. 
Dec 30. 5 min.  Dupars


January 2nd.  10 min/hosted  SHOW.  The hole in the wall
Jan 3rd.  3 min.  Comedy store
Jan 6th.  12 min.  Salty frog
Jan 8th.  5 mins.  Winstons. 
Jan 10th.  4 min. Comedy store. 
Jan 12th.  8 min  co hosted.  Comedy palace 
Jan 12th. 10 minutes.  The sandbox
Jan 13th.  8 min.  Dupars
Jan 15th.  5 min.  Winstons.  
Jan 19th. 5 minutes co hosted open mic.  Comedy palace
Jan 19th.  12 minutes. Sandbox
Jan 20th.  10 minutes  SHOW.  Comedy palace.  
Jan 21st.  10 minutes HOSTED SHOW.  The hole
Jan 22nd.  5 minutes.  Winstons.
Jan 27th.  8 minutes.  Dupars.  

Feb 2nd.  6 minutes. Co hosted the open mic.  Comedy palace
Feb 2nd.  8 minutes.  The sandbox
Feb 3rd.  14 min.  Salty frog
Feb 5th.  5 min.  Winstons. 
Feb. 10th.  3 min Burbank comedy tryout.  Comedy palace
Feb. 11th.  8 min.  HOSTED SHOW. The hole
Feb 12th.  10 min. SHOW.  usd campus with sarahlee 
Feb 16th.  3 min.  Comedy palace
Feb 16th. 12 min.  The sandbox
Feb 17th.  10 min.  SHOW. Navajo live
Feb 17th.  12 min.  Salty frog
Feb 18th.  15 min. FEATURE SHOW. The hole
Feb 19th.  4 min.  Winstons
Feb. 20th.  40 min. HEADLINE SHOW.  The salty frog
Feb 23rd. 3 min.  The comedy palace
Feb 25th.  8 min. SHOW AT THE HOLE
Feb 26th.  8 min WINSTONS CONTEST
Feb 26th. 10 min.  ERELL SHOW
Feb 28th.  3 min.  Comedy store

March 1st.  3 min.  Comedy palace
March 2nd.  10 min.  Salty frog
March 3rd.  8 min.  HOLE SHOW
March 4th.  10 min.  HOSTED SALTY FROG SHOW
March 5th.  10 min.  EDEN/LUIS SHOW IN EL CAJON
March 6th.  3 min.  Comedy store
March 8th.  3 min. Comedy place
March 9th. 10 min SHOW AT THE LOUNGE
March 10th.  8 min.  SHOW AT THE HOLE
March 11th.  8 min.  WINSTONS COMEDY COMP
March 15th. 7 min.  Comedy palace.  
March 16th.  15 min.  Salty frog
March 17th.  5 min.  THE HOLE SHOW
March 18th.  15 min.  Winstons SHOW IMPROMTU HEADLINE
March 19th. 20 min.  HEADLINED THE WYNDAM SHOW 
March 22. 5 min. The comedy palace 
March 24th.  10 min.  THE HOLE SHOW
March 25th.  13 min.  WESTYS SHOW
March 28th.  8 min.  LIGHTS OUT COMED SHOW
March 29th.  5 min.  The comedy palace 
March 31st. 7 min.  THE HOLE SHOW.  

April 1st. 5 min.  Winstons 
April 6th. 7 min.  COMEDY STORE SHOW
April 8th.  8 min.  WINSTONS CONTEST
April 9th.  8 min.  SALTY FROG SHOW
April 12th. 5 min.  The palace 
April 13th.  12 min.  Salty frog
April 15th. 8 min.  WINSTONS SEMI FINALS
April 19th.  8 min.  Sandbox
April 20.  8 min.  Salty frog
April 21st.  15 min.  Go lounge
April 22nd. 5 min.  Winstons
April 24th.  2min.  Comedy store 
April 26th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
April 27th.  5 min.  Jinbucha
April 28th. 3 min.  Go lounge
April 29th.  5 min.  Winstons
April 29th. 5 min.  Jinbucha

May 7th.  6 min.  Salty frog SHOW
May 10th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
May 12th.  9 min.  Kava bar SHOW
May 13th. 6 min. Winstons
May 14th. Nine minutes. (comedy Palace)  student showcase.  SHOW
May 17th.  Five minutes. comedy Palace
May 21st.  15 min. VFW SHOW
May 24th.  4 min.  Comedy palace
May 24th.  10 min.  Sandbox
May 26th.  20 min.  Go lounge 
May 27th.  6 min.  Winstons
May 28h.  10 min.  SALTY FROG SHOW
May 31st.  5 min.  Comedy palace

June 1st.  6 min.  Salty frog
June 3rd.  14 min.  BAG BRIDGE BREWING SHOW
June 4th. 18 min.  COMEDY HEIGHTS SHOW
June 5th.  2 min.  Comedy store. 
June 7th. 5 min.  Comedy palace
June 10th.  10 min.  Improv, puppets and comedy SHOW. Balboa puppet theatre.  
June 11th.  10 min.  Salty frog SHOW
June 12th. 3 min  Comedy store. 
June 13th.  3 min.  MAD HOUSE COMEDY COMP 
June 14th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
June 15th.  20 min.  Salty frog 
June 21st.  10 min.  HORTON GRAND THEATER SHOW
June 26th. 3 min.  Comedy store
June 28th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
June 29th. 8 min.  Salty frog
June 30th.  10 min.  The go lounge 

July 1st.  5 min.   Winstons 
​July 1st.  5 min.  Jinbucha w/c
July 12th. 5 min.  Comedy palace
July 13th.  5 min.  Jinbucha
July 14th   5 min.  Go lounge
July 15th.  5 min.  Winstons 
July 15th.  45 min.   Jinbucha
July 17th.  3 min.  Comedy store
July 19th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
July 20th.  20 min.  Salty frog
July 22nd.  7 min. WINSTONS CONTEST, it through the first round
July 23rd.  10 min.  Salty frog SHOW
July 24th.  2 min.  Comedy store
July 26th.  15 min.  Legacy brewery 
July 27th.  5 min.  Jinbucha 
July 28th. 10 min. PHO KING SHOW
July 29th.  15 min.  WYNDAM BAR AND GRILL
July 29th. 15 min.  THE GO LOUNGE
July 31st.  3 min.  Comedy store

Aug 3rd.  12 min.  Salty frog
Aug 5th.  6 min.  Winstons. 
Aug 5th.  5 min.  Jinbucha
August 7th. 3 min.  Comedy store
August 10th. 12 min.  Salty frog
August 13th.  17min. HEADLINED CLUTCH BAR 
August 16th.  10 min.  Comedy place 
August 17th.  6 min.  Salty frog
August 19th.  8 min.  WINSTONS COMEDY CONTEST 
August 21st.  3 min.  Comedy store
August 23rd.  7 min.  Comedy palace
August 24th. 8 min.  Salty frog
August 25th.  8 min.  Go lounge.  
August 26th.  5 min.  DEGENERATES SHOW GO LOUNGE
August 27th. 8 min.  SALTY FROG CUFFS SHOW
August 29th.  5 min.  Dive bar in Vegas, won best set of the night/$25
August 31st.  8 min.  Salty frog

Sept. 1st.  8 min.  Go lounge
Sept 2nd. 7 min.  WINSTONS CONTEST
Sept 4th.  3 min.  Comedy store
Sept 6th.  6 min.  Comedy palace
Sept 8th.  8 min.  Go lounge
Sept 9th. 8 min.  WINSTONS SEMI FINALS
Sept 11th.  3 min.  Comedy store
Sept 14th.  12 min.  Salty frog
sept 18th.  3 min.  Comedy store
Sept 20th. 5 min.  Comedy palace.  
Sept 22nd.  15 min.  Go lounge  
Sept 24th. 8 min and 10min COMEDY PALACE SHOWCASES 
Sept 26th.  8 min.  ROUND 2 MAD HOUSE
Sept 28th.  10 min.  Salty frog
Sept 29th.  9 min.  Go lounge
Sept 30th.  8 min. WINSTONS FINALS

Oct. 5th.  25 min. Salty frog
Oct 6th.  15 min. RIVIERA
Oct 7th.  6 min.   Winstons 
Oct 9th.  3 min. Comedy Store 
Oct 11th.  10 min.  Comedy Palace 
Oct 12th.  10 min.  Salty frog
Oct 14th.  12 min.  BAY BRIDGE CLEAN SHOW
Oct 16th.  3 min.  Comedy store 
Oct 18th.  10 min.  Palace
Oct 19th.  10 min.  Salty frog
Oct 20th.  8 min.  Go lounge
Oct 21st.  12 min.  PALACE SHOWCASE
oct 21st. 10 min.  PALACE SHOWCASE
oct 23rd.  16 min.  MISSION BREWERY
Oct 25th.  6 min.  Comedy palace. 
Oct 26th.   12 min.  Salty frog
Oct 27th.  5 min.  Go lounge
Oct 28th.  8 min.  WINSTONS CONTEST
Oct 28th.  8 min.  QUIGLEY AT THE PALACE
Oct 29th.  12 min.  SALTY FROG
Oct 30.  3 min.  Comedy store

Nov 2nd.  6 min.  Salty frog
Nov 3rd.  6 min.  Go lounge 
Nov 4th.  5 min.  Winstons
Nov 6th.  3 min.  Comedy store
Nov 8th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Nov 9th. 15 min.  Salty frog
Nov 10th.  6 min.  Go lounge
Nov. 11th. 5 min.  Winstons 
Nov 21st.  9 min.  MAD HOUSE ROUND 3
Nov 22nd. 5 min.  Comedy palace
Nov 23rd. 6 min.  Salty frog
Nov 26th. 12 min.  SALTY FROG
Nov 27th.  2 min.  Comedy store
Nov 28th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Nov 29h.  10 min.  Salty frog

Dec 1st.  15 min.  COMEDY PALACE
Dec 2nd. 5 min. Winstons

Dec 3rd.  10 min.  SALTY FROG
Dec 4th.  3 min.  Comedy store
Dec 7th.  8 min.  Salty frog
Dec 8th.  12 min.  BTF PALACE
dec 9th.  8 min.  Winstons
Dec 10th. 10 min. PALACE SHOWCASE
Dec 10th.  10 min.  PLACE SHOWCASE, late show
Dec 13th.  5 min.  Comedy palace 
Dec 18th.  3 min.  Comedy store
Dec 20th. 5 min.  Comedy palace
Dec 21st.  5 min.  Salty frog
Dec 22nd.  12 min.  BTF PALACE SHOW
dec. 24th.  10 min.  PALACE WEEKEND
Dec 28th.  20 min.  Salty frog

Jan 1st.  3 min.  Comedy store
Jan 3rd.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Jan 5th.  12 min.  COMEDY PALACE
Jan 6th.  12 min.  BAY BRIDGE BREWERY
Jan 7th.  10 min.  BTF PALACE
Jan 7th.  10 min.  COMEDY PALACE LATE SHOW
Jan 8th. 3 min. Comedy store
Jan 10th.  5 min.  Comedy palace 
Jan 11th. 15 min.  PALACE SHOW
Jan 12th. 6 min.  Go lounge
Jan 13th.  3 min.  Winstons
Jan 14h.  8 min.  PALACE BACKROOM
Jan 17th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Jan 18.  8 min.  Salty frog
Jan 21st.  30 min.  BTF BACKROOM PALACE
Jan 22nd.  3 min.  Comedy store
Jan 24th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Jan 25th.  8 min.  Salty frog
Jan 27th.  15 min.  Winstons 
Jan 28th.  8 min.  SALTY FROG
Jan 29th. 3 min.  Comedy store
Jan 31st.  5 min.  Palace mic

Feb 1st.  10 min.  Salty frog
Feb 3rd.  30 min.  WINSTONS FUNDRAISER
feb 4th.  8 min. COMEDY PALACE LATE SHOW
Feb 7th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Feb 8th.  20 min.  Salty frog
Feb 9th.  15 min.  Go lounge
Feb 10th.  10 min.  Winstons
Feb 10th.  10 min.  WINSTONS SHOW
Feb 11th.   15 min.  BTF SHOW
Feb 17th. 15 min.  WINSTONS
Feb 18th.  12 min.  BTF SHOW
Feb 21st.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Feb 22nd.  10 min.  REDS
Feb 24th.  6 min. Winstons. 
Feb 25th. 10 min.   BTF EARLY SHOW
Feb 25th.  12 min.  FROG SHOW
feb 26.  3 min.  Comedy store 
Feb 28.  5 min.  Comedy palace

March 1st.  8 min.  Salty frog
March 2nd.  6min.  Go lounge 
March 3rd.  10 min    WINSTONS
March 4th.  10 min.  BTF KENDRICK
March 5th.  3 min.  Comedy store 
March 7th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
March 8th.  6 min.  Salty frog
March 9th.  6 min  Go lounge
March 10th.  10 min.  WINSTONS
March 11th. 10 min.  PALACE JOKES NOT BOMBS
March 12th. 3 min.  Comedy store
March 14th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
March 15th.  15 min.  TREMONT ST SHOW
March 17th.  10 min.  WINSTONS
March 18th.  15 min.  PIB
March 21st.  5 min.  Comedy palace
March 22nd.  20 min.  TREMONT ST SHOW
March 23rd.  6 min.  Go lounge
March 24th. 14min.  WINSTONS
March 25th.  10 min.  CAPETOWN SHOW
March 25th.  10 min.  SALTY FROG SHOW
March 28th.  5 min.  Comedy Palace
March 29th.  10 min.  Salty frog
March 31st.   10 min.  WINSTONS

April 1st.  14 min.  COMEDY PALACE MAIN ROOM 
April 7th.  10 min.  WINSTONS 
April 8th.  8 min.  PLACE BACKROOM
April 10th.  8 min.  MAD HOUSE 
April 12th.  13 min.  FEATURE COMEDY PALACE
April 13th.  8 min.  COMEDY PALACE
April 15th.  10 min.  COMEDY PALACE BACKROOM 
April 16th. 3 min.  Comedy store
April 19th.  8 min.  Salty frog
April 20th. 5 min.  Go lounge
April 21st.  10 min.  WINSTONS
April 22nd.  10 min.  PIB
April 23rd.  3 min.  Comedy store
April 25th.  15 min.  SHAMROCKS
April 26th.  38 min.  TREMONT ST
April 27th.  6 min.  COMEDY PALACE
April 29th. 8 min.  PALACE MAINROOM EARLY 
April 29th. 10 min.  PALACE BACKROOM EARLY
April 29th.  15 min.  SALTY FROG

May 2nd.  5 min.  Comedy palace
May 3rd.  8 min.  Salty frog
May 4th.  6 min.  Go lounge. 
May 5th.  12 min.  PIB
May 5th. 12 min.  WINSTONS 
May 6th. 10 min.  PALACE LATE BACKROOM
May 7th.  3 min.  Comedy store 
May 9th. 5 min.  Comedy palace
May 10th. 8 min.  Salty frog
May 11th. 9 min. 1st on 5th SHOW
May 12th.  5 min.  Winstons 
May 18th.  3 min.  Go lounge
May 19th.  10 min.  WINSTONS
May 20th.  12 min.  PIB
May 21st.  3 min.  Comedy store
May 23rd.  5 min.  Comedy palace
May 24th.  8 min.  Salty frog
May 26th.  15 min.  WINSTONS 
May 27th.  10 min.  BELCHING BEAVER
May 27th.  10 min.  PALACE BACKROOM EARLY
May 27th.  10 min.  PALACE BACKROOM LATE
May 31st.  20 min.  Salty frog

June 2nd.  12 min. WINSTONS 
June 3rd.  15 min. BACKROOM EARLY
June 3rd.  10 min.  BACKROOM LATE
June 4th.  3 min.  Comedy store
June 6th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
June 7th. 25 min.  Salty frog
June 8th.  12 min.  COMEDY PALACE
June 9th.  10 min.  WINSTONS 
June 10th.  10 min.  PALACE BACKROOM EARLY
June 10th.  10 min.  SALTY FROG
June 11th.  10 min.  JPS PUB
June 12th.  5 min.  CROWD WARMUP TISD
June 13th.  15 min.  INLAND TAVERN
June 14th.  15 min.   Salty frog
June 16th.  10 min.  WINSTONS
June 17th.  10 min.  PIB
June 20th.  28 min.  Legacy brewery
June 21st.  23 min.  HEADLINE MIDNIGHT JACK
June 22nd.  6 min.  Go lounge
June 23rd.  10 min.  WINSTONS
June 27th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
June 28th.  15 min.  Salty frog
June 29th.  6 min.  Go lounge
June 30th.  12 min.  WINSTONS 

July 5th.  10 min.  Salty frog
July 6th.  6 min.  Go lounge
July 7th.  10 min.  WINSTONS
July 8th.  10 min.  PALACE BACKROOM EARLY
July 8th.  10 min.  PALACE BACKROOM LATE
July 9th.  8 min. MAD HOUSE
July 12th. 10 min.  SALTY FROG 
July 13th.  6 min.  Go lounge
July 14th. 10 min.  WINSTONS
July 15th.  16 min.  PIB
July 15th.  25 min PALACE BACKROOM EARLY
July 15th.  20 min.  PALACE BACKROOM LATE
July 17th.  7 min.  MH CONTEST
July 18th.  5 min.  Comedy palace 
July 19th. 10 min.  SALTY FROG
July 21st.  10 min.  WINSTONS
July 22nd.  10 min.  FROG
July 24th. 8 min.  FROG
July 29th.  13 min.   PALACE
July 30th.  3 min.  Comedy store

August 2nd.  10 min.  SALTY FROG
August 3rd.  10 min.  GO LOUNGE
August 4th.  10 min.  WINSTONS 
August 5th.  13 min.  PIB
August 5th.  35 min.  FROG RECORDING
August 8th. 5 min.  palace 
August 9th.  20 min.  SALTY FROG
August 11th.  20 min.  WINSTONS
August 12th.  10 min.  PALACE EARLY SHOW
August 12th.  10 min.  PALACE LATE SHOW
August 13th.  3 min.  Comedy store
August 16th.  5 min.  JAKE EVANS ROAST
August 17th.  10 min.  PALACE SHOWCASE. 
August 18th.  15 min.  WINSTONS
August 19th.  10 min.  PALACE BACKROOM

August 20th.  2 min.  Comedy store 
August 22nd.  5 min.   SHAMROCKS CONTEST 
August 23rd.  30 min.  Frog mic
August 24th.  10 min.  GO LOUNGE MINI SHOW
August 25th.  10 min.  WINSTONS
August 27th.  3 min.  Comedy store
August 29th.  20 min.  HEADLINE COMEDY PALACE
August 30th.  6 min.  Frog mic
August 31st.  5 min.  Go lounge

Sept 1st.  10 min.  WINSTONS
sept 5th. 10 min. COMEDY PALACE
Sept 6th.  22 min.  HEADLINE MAD HOUSE
Sept 7th  10 min.  GO LOUNGE MINI SHOW
Sept 8th.  10 min. WINSTONS
Sept 9th.  10 min.  BACKROOM SHOWCASE
Sept 10th. 3 min   Comedy store
Sept 12th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Sept 13th.  15 min.  Salty frog
Sept 14th.  10 min.  GO LOUNGE MINI SHOW
sept 15th.  10 min.  WINSTONS
sept 16th.  12 min.  PIB
sept 16th.  10 min.  PALACE CLEAN BACKROOM
Sept 17th. 3 min.  Comedy store
Sept 19th.  5 min.  SHAMROCK CONTEST
Sept 20th.  15 min.  Frog 
Sept 21st.  5 min.  Go lounge 
Sept 22nd. 15 min.  WINSTONS
sept 23rd.  30 min.  SALTY FROG
Sept 24th. 3 min.  Comedy store
Sept 26th.  5 min.  Palace
Sept 27th.  5 min.  COMEDY STORE
Sept 27th.  10 min.  Salty frog
Sept 28th.  10 min.  GO LOUNGE
Sept 29th.  15 min.  WINSTONS
Sept 30th.  10 min.  BROWN LAUGHS MATTER

October 1st.  3 min.  Comedy store
Oct 3rd.  10 min.  MAD HOUSE ESPINOZA
October 4th. 10 min.   Salty frog
Oct 5th. 10 min.  GO LOUNGE
Oct 6th. 10 min.  WINSTONS
Oct 7th.  10 min.  SALTY FROG
Oct 8th.  10 min.  OLIVE AND BASIL
Oct 8th.  5 min.   COMEDY STORE BEST OF
oct 10th.  5 min.  Comedy palace
Oct 11th.  10 min.  Salty frog
Oct 12th.  10 min.  MAD HOUSE CLUSTER 
Oct 13th.  15 min.  WINSTONS 
Oct 14th.  4 min.  Bar pink kumite
Oct 15th.  3 min.  Comedy store 
Oct 17th.  6 min.  Comedy palace
Oct 18th.  15 min.  Salty frog
Oct 19th. 10 min.  GO LOUNGE
Oct 20th.  12 min.  WINSTONS
Oct.  21st.  10 min.  PIB
Oct 21.        10 min.   PALACE BACKROOM
Oct  21st.   15 min.   BEAR ROOTS
Oct 22nd.   3 min.  Comedy store
Oct 24th.   5 min.  Comedy palace
Oct 25th.   12 min.   COMEDY PALACE
Oct 26th.    5 min.  Go lounge
Oct 27th.   15 min   WINSTONS 
Oct 28th.    15 min.  JAVA JOES
Oct 28th. 15 min.  CRICKETS PUB
Oct 29th.  15 min.   GATEWAY SHOW
Oct 30th.  8 min.  MH CONTEST





Ive been a fan of comedy for as long as I can remember and was even thinking about giving stand up a shot when I graduated from Point Loma High School in 1999.  The problem is I was busy with work, school, surfing twice a day, playing drums in a band and being a dumbass in general.  I had zero free time, especially after my daughter was born in 2003.

I was paralyzed while snowboarding in 2006 and it took me a while to adjust to the insane amount of pain meds. I would sleep all day and lie around in pain most of the time.  Eventually I ran into a friend of mine from high school and he told me he was doing stand up.  I went to a couple of his shows at the beginning of 2014 and when I was there I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to try it.  I started working on material of my own and at the end of July of 2014 hit my first open mic.  

I was instantly hooked and starting hitting mics almost every night.  I started getting booked on shows, then started running my own shows and and been working hard trying to get funny.  I performed on almost 300 shows in 2019 and hit a ton of open mics to work on new material and its all been a blast. 

Thanks for the support, hope to see you at a show.  Alan

Alan  Henderson  Comedy

Gold Room Comedy

July 13th    9:30pm

The Comedy Palace Gold Room

8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

$10 Cover  2 Drink Minimum

Alyssas Birthday Show!

April 13th    7:30pm

Winstons OB

1921 Bacon St  92107

$5 Cover     Ages 21+

Go Lounge Comedy

​Mar. 14th   9pm

The Go Lounge

7123 El Cajon Blvd

The Toro! Show

Jan 8th    8pm

The Tornado Bar 
4026 30th Street

PIB Comedy Night

Jan 15th    6:30pm
Pacific Islander Beer Co

8665 Argent St   92071

No Cover & Cheap Drinks

Mad House Comedy

Jan 17th      7:30 / 9:45

Mad House Comedy Club

801 4th Ave. in the Gaslamp

​$20 Cover    2 Item Min.

Every Friday at 7:30pm

Winstons in Ocean Beach

1921 Bacon St.   92107

​$5 Cover     Ages 21+

Comedy at Tiger Tiger

Feb. 7th     8pm

Tiger Tiger

3025 El Cajon Blvd

​$5 Cover   No Minimums

My Shows This Month

Im on the late late show every Wed-Sun at The Mad House Comedy Club.  Contact me for comps!

The Comedy Palace

Mar. 23rd     7:30/9:30

The Comedy Palace

8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

​$20 Cover   2 Drink Minimum

Comedy at El Prez

April 3rd  9:30pm

El Prez

4190 Mission Blvd

No Cover or Drink Minimum

Mad House Comedy Club

Other Shows

BrewHaHa Comedy 

July 13th     8pm

Bear Roots Brewing Co

1213 S. Santa Fe. Ave    92083

​$15 Cover   Ages 21+

The Salty Frog Comedy

March 25th     8pm

The Salty Frog

992 Palm Ave.  91932

​No Cover or Drink Minimum

Winstons Comedy Night

Dirty Rons Show

Jan 18th    11:30pm
Mad House Comedy Club 
801 4th Ave. 92101

Oceanside Comedy

Sept. 29th    7pm
Oceanside Brewing Co  
312 Via Del Norte

Comedy Heights East 

August 2nd    7pm

Valentines Bar & Grill

12891 Campo Rd.  91978

​No Cover or Drink Minimum

Imperial Steakhouse

August 8th    7:30pm

Comedy Fundraiser

March 1st     8pm

The Comedy Store

916 Pearl St.  92027

​$10    2 Drink Minimum

Follow Me on Social Media for Updated Show Dates Since Short Notice Bookings Frequently Happen​​

Featuring Main Room

Jan 10th    7:30pm
The Comedy Palace 
8878 Clairmont Mesa Blvd

$20 Cover     Ages 18+

Vinyl Draft Comedy

Jan 7th    8pm

The Vinyl Draft Sports Bar 

2263 Garnet Ave   92109

Mad House Comedy

Jan 18th      7:30 / 9:45

Mad House Comedy Club

801 4th Ave. in the Gaslamp

​$20 Cover    2 Item Min.

Lestats Comedy Night

January 23rd          8pm


North Park

​No Cover or Drink Minimum

Jazz at Bar Pink 

May 6th    8pm

3609 30th St.  North Park

​No Cover or Drink Minimum